Three Years Later: Remembering Ruth Helen Harrion - - Jackson, MS

Three Years Later: Remembering Ruth Helen Harrion

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

July 16th, 2014, a woman named Ruth Helen Harrion was killed, after calling police with concerns.

Today, her accused killer has still not been convicted. 

"We just know that we don't ever want to forget her," said Melanie Johnson, one of Harrion's daughters.

Melanie Johnson and Angela Harrion, another of Harrion's daughters, say they had their usual traditions ripped away from them - their mother no longer there at Christmas, or birthdays.

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So they instead have a new tradition: to honor their mother.

"Everybody bow your heads!" said Johnson, beginning a prayer.

Harrion was shot, beaten, and strangled during a home invasion in 2014.

The 67-year-old called JPD to report a prowler, but the dispatcher hung up the phone, and police never found her the night when they went to her house.

"She can never be replaced," said Angela Harrion.

Three years later, the man accused of killing Harrion still hasn't been sentenced.

32-year-old Alonzo Stewart confessed to the capital murder charges, but the mental disabilities have kept him from facing trial.

"We're quiet, but that does not mean that we've forgotten," said Angela Harrion. "And we don't want anyone else to forget struggle that we are going through."

The family is suing JPD and the City of Jackson in a wrongful death lawsuit, but that case hasn't gone anywhere either.

In the meantime, rain or shine, Harrion's family honors her legacy. 

"She's worth it," said Angela. "That's our only mother. And nothing and no one could replace her."

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