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City leaders questioning how Thalia Mara Hall repair contracts were awarded

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

After approving emergency contracts to fix Thalia Mara Hall, it's time for the city to pay up for the work that has long been completed, but some city leaders are questioning how these contracts are awarded.

It took days for managers of Thalia Mara Hall to realized their building had been taking on water.

Producing enough damage to cancel future shows entirely, unless contractors got to work immediately.

While Thalia Mara Hall has been back up and running since it's pipe burst last year, the bills haven't been paid.

"The water was coming into the orchestra pit," explained Deputy Director Michael Raff. "Water was going underneath the stage. It was enough water to fill an Olympic size swimming pool and so it caused us to quickly get into action."

According to Ruff, approving emergency contracts and paying for work after it's completed seems to be standard for the city. And it wasn't the issue city leaders concerned themselves with when talking about motions in Tuesday night's City Council meeting.

Councilman Aaron Banks questioned Public Works on how these contractors were chosen, since, in these cases, the bidding process isn't required.

Councilman Banks then remind colleagues it's time to stop outsourcing city needs, putting Jackson residents back to work.

"It's not an emergency to me, if we are looking over businesses right here in Jackson," Banks said. "I'm sure there are people that can do the job, so what's an emergency to me? It's that we fund Jackson, first."

Councilman De'Keither Stamps added that if Jackson's business class isn't prepared to handle these needs, then it may be time to look into partnership opportunities with local colleges to enhance our businesses' skill sets.

Others questioned if the Thalia Mara Hall emergency repairs were just band-aid on a much bigger problem, suggesting a new city auditorium might be in order.

Public Works, along with the Mayor, assured council members that isn't the case, saying this institution is seeing a comeback.

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