New study shows auto industry fastest growing industry in state - - Jackson, MS

New study shows auto industry fastest growing industry in state

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Move Mississippi Forward and the Mississippi Economic Council say a new study shows the auto industry is the fastest growing industry in the state, employing over 18 thousand workers statewide.

"It is important to know that salaries paid in the automotive industry exceed the state average by more than 34 percent which creates an improved quality of life for employees and their family," said Dolphus Weary, co-chair of Move Mississippi Forward

The study, released in the shadow of a looming United Auto Workers Union vote at the Nissan plant in Canton, where workers are hoping to gain leverage for better pay, and working conditions.

Economic leaders are concerned that vote could make companies hesitate to bring their business to the state.

"I will say this from an economic development person, I am concerned about the possible outcome because of the competitiveness we now have," said Duane O'Neill, co chair of Move Mississippi Forward, and President and CEO of the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership. "(We) don't want to stop the momentum that's gotten started."

Nissan management opposes the UAW saying it would hurt the plant's economic competitiveness. Almost 4 thousand production workers could be eligible to vote next month.

The study says, 2 jobs are created from every automotive job; an industry that continues to grow statewide.

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