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Rebel fans react to Freeze resignation

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hugh Freeze's resignation comes as a surprise to Ole Miss football fans.

Rebel fans and supporters across the country are abuzz with the latest news to rock the university.

Alumni in the metro area had high hopes for the upcoming season and are still coming to grips with the sudden changes. 

"I was very shocked, but as a man or a woman we're all human," said former Ole Miss Punter Ben Craddock.

He got a call about Hugh Freeze's resignation Thursday from a friend at the university.

The former player was on the team with Deuce McCallister and Eli Manning in 2000.

As a father of three daughters his heart goes out to the family, but he's optimistic about the team.

"Matt Luke and I, we played together," said Craddock." Matt's a great guy. Matt's a hard worker, known Matt for 20 years. We're gonna be OK. We have the right people in place". 

"Everybody from the Ole Miss family is very disappointed," said Central MS Rebel Club past president Eddie Maloney.

He said there are hundreds of members in the organization with nearly 30,000 dues paying alumni across the country. 

Tuesday Freeze spoke to members at the Jackson Country Club during the  Rebel Road Trip.

Alumni are taken aback by the news.

"It was a very positive meeting and I thought Coach Freeze made a very good speech and things transpired very quickly, and I was shocked just like everybody else," said Maloney a 1972 graduate of the university.

"We're just trying to get over this hump," said Craddock .

"We'll come back from this just like we've come back from a lot of things over the years," added Maloney.

Ole Miss grads and die hard fans say the university and football program will rebound and they have the utmost confidence in interim head coach Matt Luke, a former Rebel player.

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