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Recycling bins scaled back in parts of Madison County

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There are now fewer recycling options available for Madison County neighborhoods.

Supervisors voted to stop recycling pickup in January, leaving three drop off bins as the only remaining options for recycling.

Monday we traveled to a drop off collection point for recycled garbage.  

Sure enough, we found recyclable trash dropped off, but no bin. As we were on site, Doug Austin drove up to drop off his recycled garbage.

"I've been bringing it here for months and now it's gone," said Austin.

Austin strongly believes in going eco-friendly, but he was disappointed and caught off guard that the collection point was eliminated. 

On July 18, Madison County Supervisors voted to eliminate recycle bins at the Yandell Road fire station and the Stribling Road fire station.

The overflowing recycle trash build up was too much, according to the County Administrator Shelton Vance.

"We were having to have volunteer firemen to take the materials and put it in the bins or send someone else out to put the material in the bins and that was not our plan when we started the roll off bins," said Vance.

Austin was planning to dispose of cardboard boxes, plastic and tin cans in the recycle bin he frequently used and avoid the material filling up a landfill.

"I just hate to put it in a landfill," explained Austin. "It just doesn't make sense."

Austin said he would find the only recycling drop-off bin left at the Southwest Fire Station on Lake Cavalier Road.  

Vance said this service was costly, and that along with low volume collection, added to elimination of the initial recycle pickup in some Madison County neighborhoods. 

Meanwhile homeowners in the county will continue to be taxed the same rate for solid waste garbage pickup only.

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