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CONSIDER THIS: Jackson Public Schools

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Schools will soon be back in session so pack your patience and pay attention to buses and school zones. For the Jackson Public Schools, it is a critical moment.

They have a severe teacher shortage. The school board hasn’t had enough members to make decisions. The district is still operating under an interim superintendent and leadership is lacking. JPS parents are begging for a change. Begging for a solution.

Consider This:

The real issue is how this affects the children and their future. We all know the importance of a good start and a quality education. Whether it is a wonderful experience or a terrible experience, it will impact a child for the rest of their lives.

The children and families involved in the Jackson Public Schools deserve better. It’s past time for the state to consider a takeover, restore trust and confidence and provide a quality education to the children of Jackson.

The state needs to step in now.

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