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3 on the Road: Bond Farm Museum

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AMITE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

John Bond’s granddaddy settled in Amite County in 1865 and Bonds have been living here on this farm ever since.

John and his wife, Inez decided a few years back that they needed a place to preserve some of the memorabilia of the farm and the community and the family. So they built the Bond Farm Museum.

Tools and plows and things used to harness mules. Things that make you break a sweat just thinking about them.

John says that’s one thing they want to point out with their museum.

“It wasn’t always easy on the farm,” said John. “My grandparents lived here a long time ago and we farmed by mules in that time and dad did and I did. But later on, we got air conditioned big tractors. And I just wanted my grand kids to know we didn’t always have those air conditioned tractors.”

Inez made a contribution. A long time ago there was a blacksmith shop on the farm. It was phased out after the mules were put to pasture when the first tractor was bought.

Inez and some of the grand kids a while back did some archeology and dug up all this where the blacksmith shop used to be.

“And our grandson built the little building in there, the part we put the blades and things on,” said Inez.

 Now you’d get the idea the Bond Farm Museum is simply to honor the past. And in a way it is. But this place is more for the future, for the grandchildren to have a sense of who they are and where they came from.

 “Well, I think you kind of have to go through the hard times before you really appreciate the good times,” added John.

 The grand kids have already left their mark on the museum with their footprints in the concrete.

Greenville writer Hodding Carter, Sr. wrote in his book, “Where Main Street Meets the River” that he heard a wise lady once say the two best things you can give your kids are roots and wings. The wings are to fly on their own. The roots are so they’ll be flying in the right direction.

The Bond Farm Museum supplies the roots for this family. And in doing so, the direction for the future. 

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