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CONSIDER THIS: Get to work

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I believe most of us would agree that many people are addicted to their cell phones. Go to any restaurant, event or other gathering and you will see people constantly staring at their phones. If it’s your time, that’s your choice, but it can be an issue if you’re at work.

The City of Vicksburg is addressing that issue by implementing a new policy banning city employees from using cell phones while on the clock. Many companies have adopted similar policies to increase productivity and cut down on wasted man hours.

If it works in Vicksburg, we may see similar policies implemented in other cities and organizations.

Consider This:

No doubt we live in a connected world, but expecting employees to disconnect is understandable and acceptable.

If you work in any level of government you are working for the taxpayers. You are being paid to do a job, not stare at your phone. And the people you serve, who pay your salary, should expect and receive quality, attentive service.  

The leaders in Vicksburg deserve credit for implementing this policy and providing a better experience for the people they serve.

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