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3 on the Road: Noxapater-Virginia Martin

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NOXAPATER, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Noxapater is a small town in Winston County about ten miles south of Louisville, or so. The name is probably Native American. But my friend Jim Briger in researching his book, “Hometown Mississippi” says some folks think it may come from Latin.

But we didn’t come to see the town so much as we came to see Virginia Martin. My friend Harold Hinton here has been wanting me to meet this lady for a while.

Virginia turned one hundred three on her last birthday, July 26. We had a good visit with her and her caregiver and Harold’s daughters. The obligatory question for anyone who has lived as long as this is what’s the secret?

"Working hard and living right," said Martin

Working hard and living right. Simple as that. She was born in 1914 and remembers the tough times of the First World War, and the Second World War. And remembers how they made it as a family.

"Life was good because we all there," added Martin.

She remembers going to school and her teachers.

"But she’d bend them kids hand back and take a paddle and hit their hand and it just blister it, look like," said Virginia. "But now she never did get me."

We have that in common. My teachers never caught me, either.

Virginia Martin remembers lots of things. Like kindnesses shown to her. For instance returning an earthen jug given to her decades ago by Ronnie Edwards grandmother.

And she called me up about two years ago and asked me if I’d like to have it," said Edwards. "So I rode over there and we sang a few songs and had a good time.

I can understand the having a good time part. We laughed and carried on ourselves while I was there. And I REALLY suspect THIS is another secret to living a long life, laughing. If you can laugh you can live, or so it seems.

Add to that, Virginia’s philosophy of serving God and loving  people.

"It worked for me, it sure did," said Virginia.

With the added ability to laugh about it all. 

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