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3 on the Road: Hinds Community College 100th Anniversary

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RAYMOND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hinds Community College is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. And last night they recognized 100 people who are significant to the school.

The event at Hinds Community College was the culmination of a difficult task: to narrow down to only 100 people, individuals who have made a significant contribution to the school or significantly lived out in their lives the purpose of a Community College, or a Junior College as they were called at first. Included in the list are educators, civic leaders, business leaders, and folks who came back to Hinds and helped put Hinds Community College on the map.

“And they’re the ones who basically made this college what it is. It’s all about the people,” said Jackie Granberry, Executive Director of the Hinds Community College Foundation.

It’s like driving through a park when you drive past the Hinds campus in Raymond today. It’s the 4th largest college in the state, and a real asset to Raymond and to the area it serves and to the whole state.

What it looks like today is a far cry from what it was a hundred years ago in 1917, a handful of buildings and a handful of students with agriculture at the main focus.

As time passed and times changed, so did the school. In its junior College years, it was just that, a place to take the first two years of college closer to home and not as expensive as a full-time school.

But now the world is in a different place altogether again. Getting a college diploma doesn’t really guarantee you’ll get a job anymore. 

Dr. Clyde Muse, long time President of Hinds Community College observes,

“Eighty per cent of all the jobs available out there today do not require a baccalaureate degree. But they DO require education beyond high school,” Longtime Hinds Community College President Dr. Clyde Muse observed.

“And right now that’s a big thing for Hinds," added Granberry. "We’re doing a lot getting ready for Continental Tire. We’re doing a lot in a lot of areas. With KLLM trucking and Empire and Stribling Equipment.”

Last year Mississippi was recognized as having the best Community College system in the nation.

By the way, Mississippi had the FIRST state funded Community College system in the nation. And now Hinds Community College is turning a hundred. They did it by meeting the needs of the times. And I imagine a hundred years from now they will still be doing that.

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