CONSIDER THIS: Guest Editorial - Andy Taggart - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Guest Editorial - Andy Taggart

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As a lifelong Mississippi Republican, I sent a memo on Monday to many of our party’s leaders and elected officials around the state, urging them in this bicentennial year of our state to lead the charge finally to remove the Confederate battle flag from our state flag.

Mississippi Republicans can lead the way on this issue and make a strong statement that we understand that our current state flag is divisive and hurtful to a significant number of our fellow Mississippians, and we can show the nation that the bicentennial Mississippi of 2017 is not the Mississippi of 1965, let alone the Mississippi of 1865.

Arguments that Confederate monuments will be the next to fall if we change the flag don't really wash. The state flag is different from monuments and street names because the state flag is supposed to be a symbol of all Mississippians' civic identity. Sadly, we just cannot say that it is today.

Any individual can continue to wave the Confederate battle flag just as high as he likes at his home or business. But the State of Mississippi should not reflect the Confederate symbol on our state flag as a statement of who we are as we complete our 200th year as one of the United States of America.

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