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3 on the Road: Strawberry Plains Hummingbird Festival

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It’s time to hang the humming bird feeders because the annual hummingbird migration is underway. 

Mississippi is in the middle of a bug hummingbird migration pathway and the Strawberry Plains Audubon Center at Holly Springs has their annual hummingbird festival going on this weekend. And they always have a bunch of hummingbirds.

We don’t have a monopoly on hummingbirds here in the South by any means. From the west coast to east coast you will find them, like the ones I shot in the Wasatch Range in Utah a few years ago.

But they aren’t hard to find in Mississippi right now. Every year they have the annual Humming Bird Festival at the Strawberry Plains Audubon Center near Holly Springs. During the three-day festival, they catch hummingbirds and band them and then release them again. And everybody from school-agers to senior citizens comes to get a close-up view of them.

Fred Basset from Montgomery Alabama was there. He’s a humming bird expert and has some advice for all of us who would like to have some of the birds stop by our house for a meal on their way south.

"Have a hummingbird feeder out to start with. Doesn’t make any difference what kind really," said Fred. "Make your own sugar water. Just use regular old table sugar, mix it one part sugar to four parts water. You don’t have to boil the water. Just warm water out of the tap is all you need to do. And here in the hot summer time, you need to change it about every three or four days or it will sour. And that’s all you need to do. About once a week you need to wash your feeders. Keep ‘em clean and I’ll guarantee you you’ll have a hummingbird this time of year."

There is that old idea that you have to bring in your feeder or the birds won’t continue to migrate. Fred says that really isn’t true.

"Leave your feeder out at least two weeks after you see your last humming birds. But I recommend that you leave one feeder out all winter long with a little bit of sugar water in it and put it where you can see it in the morning when you are eating breakfast or drinking your morning coffee," added Fred. "And you may have a humming bird come spend the winter with you. And I tell people all the time if you have a hummingbird come spend the winter at your house it will change your life forever.

You do get to where you watch for the hummingbirds to come around every day. They are sort of like family.

"I go to places where people have pictures of their grandchildren and their hummingbirds," said Fred. "And the hummingbirds are not below the grandchildren, either. People become amazingly attached to hummingbirds. They are very special creatures."

So I guess that makes events like the annual Hummingbird Festival at Strawberry Plains every first weekend of September sort of a family reunion.

The Hummingbird Festival at Strawberry Plains in Holly Springs is going on this weekend. It started Friday and runs through Sunday.

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