Two Mississippi women ride out Hurricane Irma in Haiti - - Jackson, MS

Two Mississippi women ride out Hurricane Irma in Haiti

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Two Mississippi women in Haiti, as part of a mission trip to help starving children, found themselves right in the path of Irma, but they refused to pack up and head home.

That's where they say, God took over.

“I had family calling me saying please don't go, don't get on that plane," said Katie Ethridge. "But God worked it out so that I could get on the plane."

She arrived in Haiti just days before Hurricane Irma was poised to slam the small island. She and fellow Mississippian Rachel Charpie are there, working with But God Ministries, providing medical attention to malnourished children.

Through social media, they learned of the storm brewing in the Atlantic.

“And somebody posted way early on that, 'hey, there's a hurricane out there' and kept posting, 'keep watching it'," said Charpie. "So when it looked like it was coming straight for us, we all started to think about that and to try and make preparations."

Leaving was never an option.

“To leave and to leave all of my friends and all of the babies here and go hide out in safety knowing that if it hit the island, it would be a long time before I could get back to help anybody, and I think that Katie felt the same way, that we'd much rather stay here and ride it out,” added Charpie.  

And that's exactly what they did. They put their faith in God and their prayers were answered. Irma skipped over them and, aside from the wind and the rain, did very little damage.

“We have an awesome God and we have a purpose and no matter what comes; no matter what storms, whether they be actual storms, emotional storms, physical storms; that He is still Lord of all and that He has a plan for us,” said Charpie.

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