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The Jackson Public Schools are receiving a lot of attention. In fact, you could argue, if the people who are so worked up about a possible state takeover had been actively engaged and put that energy towards positive solutions, maybe the district would not be in such bad shape that a takeover is necessary.

JPS has made some minor progress, but the improvements have been minimal and the school system continues to fall short of basic requirements. And regardless of the claims by conspiracy theorists, this is just another effort of the state to run the city of Jackson, the last thing the state wants to do is manage a school system. It’s a tremendous amount of work and a lot of money. At the end of the day, JPS is severely broken and needs help to get back on the right track.

Consider This:

Whether the state is running the district or the system is managed locally, it is critical for the parents and community to be fully engaged. Parental and community involvement, or better said, the demands of parents and community leaders are what pushes school districts to be successful.  

Without those demands and support, and the accountability that follows, school districts perform at a lower level. The people who are up in arms about a state takeover can continue to gripe and complain or they can join forces to make the school system better. It’s not about politics, race, or other divisiveness. At the end of the day, it is all about the kids, and what’s best for them. That’s what everyone needs to remember. 

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