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Mississippi Strong: Georgetown

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GEORGETOWN, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Lots of people in our state are living Mississippi Strong, including a whole community. Georgetown in Copiah County is one of those once thriving villages searching for a new identity for itself. Well, in the midst of the search the town came to the aid of one of its businesses that have helped keep Georgetown on the map for nearly 10 years.

Location is everything. Georgetown is on the Pearl River where the railroad crossed it. And when there was still river traffic and before they moved the main line, that was all a town needed to thrive. But that was a long time ago. 

However Ms. Carolyn Chapman made an investment in the town back in 2010 by opening up a restaurant, the Kountry Kitchen, open for lunch seven days a week. Well, a couple of years ago a fire destroyed it and closed her down.

"And I thought that was the end of it," said Carolyn Chapman.

But the lunch line is back open in a brand new building right beside the old one there on Rail Road Avenue where the train track used to run in downtown Georgetown because the people of Georgetown made an unusual gesture that put the Kountry Kitchen back in business.

Mayor Russ DuBose and his wife, Mamie pulled themselves away from lunch to tell me what happened in a recent City Board Meeting.

"We decided to make an investment in the town. And it’s a long-term investment," said Mayor DuBose. "So we decided, the Board decided the Mayor decided we’d build a new building, lease it to the Kountry Kitchen".

"And you know how that hit me. And it just started by the grace of God in this wonderful town that I chose to do my business in." added Chapman.

"It probably brings 2500 people a month to Georgetown. Which is incredible," added the Mayor.

And also what’s incredible, seven years ago Carolyn Chapman took a chance and made an investment in Georgetown and has made such an indelible mark here that now, the town is going “Mississippi Strong” and making an investment in her and her Kountry Kitchen by building the new building making sure that she and the restaurant stay here.

if you are a follower of the rotating Old Car Friday Nights in Simpson and Copiah Counties, the old cars will be at Georgetown starting at 6 p.m. this Friday night.

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