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CONSIDER THIS: Listen More. Learn More.

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There’s been a lot of talk about the National Anthem, and about kneeling or standing this week.  But I’m not going to talk about that, because pretty much no one watching would change their mind anyway.

That’s because there isn’t a lot of room for disagreement these days. Whatever side people are on, they are completely sure they are right.

Bret Stephens, a well-known columnist, recently spoke on The Dying Art of Disagreement, pointing out no one knows how to disagree anymore. This is a nation founded on disagreement. But we need to be able to disagree and talk about things rationally.

We need to hear the other side’s opinion. Too many people surround themselves with friends and media that simply tell them exactly what they want to hear. In the past, to disagree well people had to understand well; read deeply, listen carefully and watch closely.

What side are you on in the Anthem controversy? Do you listen to the arguments that people make on the other side? Many people just dismiss opposing views and only consume messages that mirror their own opinion.

Do they learn anything? Do they come any closer to understanding what other people might think?

Right now, instead of always disagreeing, we need to work on being together, too. In his speech, Mr. Stephens said to disagree well, you must understand well…and to do that all of us are going to need to do a lot more listening.

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