Students speak out against state takeover of Jackson Public Scho - - Jackson, MS

Students speak out against state takeover of Jackson Public Schools

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JACKSON METRO AREA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The fate of the Jackson Public School District is still in the hands of Governor Phil Bryant. Students gathered on the steps of Jackson's City Hall Monday to speak out against the proposed state takeover.

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"Our futures are at stake, because we are Jackson, and we are Mississippi," said a group of JPS Student Ambassadors.

 The Mississippi Department of Education's audit of the state's second-largest school district shows JPS in violation of more than two-thirds of MDE's process standards, part of the reason a state takeover has been suggested.

"We do feel like JPS is definitely in a place where we need a lot of help," said Latoya Washington, an alumna of Provine High School. "But we did disagree with the fact that instead of providing solutions, again, that we're not really helping the state that we're in, we're just giving somebody else another chance to do something that we've already seen people fail at."

The JPS Ambassadors are trying to communicate to Governor Phil Bryant that their opinion on the takeover should be considered since they're the ones who will be affected.

"We know first hand the challenges we face detailed in the audit," said an Ambassador named Dante. "And we also know the progress JPS has made, but we need more time, collaboration, and implementation."

"With MDE's help, we can actually go towards having a better school; for tomorrow, for the next generation," added another Ambassador.

Also in the Ambassadors' list of concerns is the fear that an MDE takeover could mean cuts to extra-curricular activities.

"Not every child goes the academic route in school," said Joseph Jiles, a Junior at Lanier High School. "When you talk about wanting to better themselves, sports is a way for them to do that. Sports is their motivation to make good grades, for a lot of kids, it's their motivation to come to school."

The ultimate message these students have is that they do not want to be discounted.

"I want everyone to know that the students in Jackson are worth it," said Washington emphatically." We're worth rethinking the system, we're worth teaching correctly, we're worth giving an adequate education. It seems like a lot of people are misconstrued about that. But the students here are too valuable to suffer through a system that continually isn't stable." 

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Some of the students gave direct pleas to Governor Phil Bryant:

"Governor Bryant," said Jiles, "I really hope that you hear the kids here today and that you take into consideration what we have to say, while also advising the MDE our plan of action, and trying to collaborate more with JPS and not just take them over."

There's no word on the timeline for when the Governor will decide on whether to sign off on a state takeover.

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