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3 on the Road: Glass Steeple

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RAYMOND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Belmont Baptist Church in Raymond is an unusual twist on religious architecture. If you are in the dark, light a candle. If you don’t have a candle, light the steeple.

Belmont Baptist Church on Highway 18 in Raymond stood for years, but for their 150th anniversary year, Pastor Tony Chrisler and the congregation decided they wanted the church to stand out more. So they put in stained glass windows and doors and even added a stained glass steeple.

And if you think that gives the church a little pop in the daylight, then come see it at night.

"We have people on Highway 18 that slows down," said Pastor Chrisler. "They stop. They come in. We have Bible class going on. They knock on the door and say I just want to take a look at this steeple. Especially at night when it’s lit up."

Pastor Chrisler says that’s the reaction he was hoping the glass steeple would bring. But when the Lord gave him the idea in a dream to do that, Tony didn’t know where to get a glass steeple. But he had an idea.

"Mr. Andy Young from Pearl River Glass came down to take measurements of our doors to build these doors for us and I brought it up to him. He says 'We can do that."'

"I’ve never done that before," Andy added under his breath. "And so, all the people that work with me believe in me, either. They didn’t believe us, did they?"

But he knew he could. And he knew his staff could do it.

"I love a challenge," added Andy. "Its what keeps me going, you know."

And the result speaks for itself. And others speak for it, too. Like Mr. Curtis Brown, one of the deacons at Belmont.

"I love it. I love it," said Brown. "I come out here sometimes myself and just look up and tell the Lord Thank you for a beautiful sight."

The admonishment is to, “Let your light shine.” And Belmont Baptist in Raymond is doing just that through the windows and the doors and the steeple, which reminds the members to do the same thing through themselves.

Belmont Baptist is on Highway 18 in Raymond just before the 4-lane narrows to two-lane. Come see it at night and you can’t miss it.

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