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Kaden Dickerson: A super kid with a love for football

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

17-year-old Kaden Dickerson was born with Muscular Dystrophy and a love for football.

Dickerson and his family moved to Clinton, Mississippi just a couple of weeks ago. He was originally homeschooled, but his mother, Ginger, decided it was time to enroll Kaden in public school.

Since their time at Clinton High, the Arrow’s football team has rallied around Kaden making sure he knows he’s part of the team just like anyone else.

"I know he’ll never be a football quarterback, I know that he’ll never run a ball or make a touchdown, but he just loves football and he wants to part of a team and participate," said Kaden's mother Ginger Hastings.

Clinton High School has made that happen for Kaden. The coaches and players have not only opened their locker room and hearts to the young football fan, but they’re realizing that Kaden is helping them more than they’re helping him.

"He’s already changed the culture of the team," said Coach Calvert White. "He gives us more reasons to go hard. We love him around the field house. We make sure he’s participating in everything. I walk him to and from school every day. He’s a great person."

"I don’t think he ever has a bad day. That right there lifts me up," said Coach Judd Boswell. "He’s a super kid and he makes us look at life the way it should be looked at."

"It’s more than football to these kids. It’s about being a part of a team and being accepted because they’re different and I’m willing to be that if his legs worked that he’d be out there making touchdowns a tackling people because he likes the aggressive part of the sport," added Ginger.

He might like the big hits on Friday nights, but Kaden does have a soft side. He was little camera shy, but he did tell us why he likes football so much.

"Because baseball is boring," said Kaden.

As a mother of two children with Muscular Dystrophy, Ginger preaches a heartfelt message to anyone who might live life a little differently.

"Don’t let their disability define them. No matter what it is," said Ginger. "The wheelchair is Kaden’s legs and that’s going to guide him through life. Don’t ever let anybody ever tell you that they can’t do it."

Kaden isn’t letting anything slow him down. You can even find him listed on the Max Prep’s website under Clinton’s official roster.

"When you see him, you just think about the opportunities; what God has given you," said Desmyn Baker. "You can’t take it for granted."

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