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Girls can join the Boy Scouts

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Big changes are on the horizon for the Boy Scouts of America. The scouting board of directors voted unanimously Wednesday to make a historic change in the "all boy" organization. 

Starting next year, young girls can join Cub Scout units, known as dens, even earn the coveted Eagle Scout honor award.

The Girl Scouts are not thrilled about this decision either. The national organization, in a statement, said only Girl Scouts has the expertise to give girls and young women the tools they need for success.

The CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi had this response.  According to CEO Beth Traweek, One issue that we wanted to stress is that the Girl Scout Gold Award offers college scholarships, a higher starting rank in our military, and employment advantages to its winners, similar to an Eagle Scout.

Below is the full statement:

As many of you are aware, on October 11th, a historical shift occurred in the scouting world when Boy Scouts of America (BSA) voted to accept girl members into the Boy Scout ranks at the Cub Scout level. The decision of BSA does not diminish the mission of the Girl Scouts, but reinforces the need to continue our 105 years of experience in providing programming that is relevant to the interests and goals of today’s girl.

While we would certainly have preferred that their vote go in a different direction, this action in no way influences or changes our very important Girl Scout mission. Every aspect of our programming (local and national) has been designed to be girl focused and girl-led. We remain committed to that ideal as well as the core values and vision of the Girl Scout Movement as established by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912.  Notably, over 59 million living American women can count themselves as alumnae of this incredible organization that began with one woman’s heart and determination to make the world a better place more than 100 years ago.

Our approach to empowering girls and young women, is a proven method for preparing women leaders. Numerous research studies and countless testimonials clearly recognize that participation in Girl Scout programming has proven highly effective in enhancing leadership qualities - as well as other key indicators of success - for the girls involved. This method is especially effective in at-risk communities; studies have shown that girls who experience our fully immersed single-gender Girl Scout programming demonstrate higher levels of self-confidence and academic success than girls who have not had benefit of our gender-specific and girl-led program opportunities. We greatly respect our BSA peers and the amazing job they have done shaping young men into highly productive American citizens for more than 100 years.  However, there are many unanswered questions as to the effectiveness the BSA programming will have on girls. It is unclear as to the impact this will have on the growth and development of girls, the results of which may not be seen until after a generation of girls go through the programming.  Girl Scouts is tried and true- we deliver the leadership experience for girls.

Girl Scout’s unique girl-led environment, character-building traditions, relevant badge opportunities, and proven life-success outcomes will significantly factor into discussions as families consider their options. Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi will stand true to our mission to build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place and to the convictions we share through our traditions. We also stand by the value of our program as manifested in years of statistically proven outcomes which demonstrate why a fully immersive single-gender scouting experience offers a powerful and unique choice. To join Girl Scouts, call 601-326-GIRL

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