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CONSIDER THIS: Fixing Jackson

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Everyone knows the City of Jackson has significant infrastructure problems. When you watch the news, you see story after story of broken water lines, roads in disrepair and residents beyond frustrated.

The city’s fix for many of these issues has been nothing more than a temporary band-aid. One example is the sewage pump and pipes running down the middle of West Street. This noisy, smelly solution has been going on for almost a year. That’s unacceptable.

A quick drive around town and you can find open water hydrants, potholes with no markers, dilapidated streets, and other decay. It’s all about money and the city must get creative to find the funds to address these problems. Robert Miller, the new city engineer, has a big job ahead of him.

Consider This:

Having sewage lines running down the middle of the street, broken water lines affecting water service, roads that are more like an obstacle course, make it difficult for businesses to do business. The city can’t afford to lose more businesses and the taxes they generate.

The mayor and new administration are working on a list of priorities and creative funding options to tackle these challenges, but time is not on their side. Let’s wish them luck and much speed in making it happen. Voters overwhelmingly elected the new mayor and it will be the job of the people of Jackson to hold city leaders accountable.

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