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3 on the Road: Dunns Falls

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The waterfall at Dunn’s Falls near Meridian is not a natural fall. It was created before the Civil War by John Dunn from a nearby creek to form a pond at the top of the bluff to supply the water needed to turn the wheel and power his mill.

This isn’t even the original mill. Dunn’s mill rotted away long ago from neglect. But all the while, the water still toppled over the ledge and plunged into the Chunky River some 65 feet below, and over time the place got popular again.

Then the Pat Harrison Waterway District folks managed to save this similar mill that was about to be torn down in Georgia and put it in the same spot where Dunn’s original mill stood. And over the years, the mill, the waterfall, the mill wheel, the surrounding bluff, have all meld together and makes you think it has all been here all along.

Maybe the advanced look of autumn setting in helps that settled look along. The old mill is a natural for a fall backdrop. The browns, reds, and oranges of the turning leaves are complementary to the similar hews in the rusting water wheel and the aging wood of the ancient mill

Throw in the Chunky River and the soap-stone bluffs, and the deep blue autumn skies and all you’d need is more time to sit and watch it longer.

But just as the water tumbles down the bluff or spills over the wheel and dives into the river below and then drifts on downstream, time moves right along, too. Pressing issues elsewhere won’t allow this visit to last as long as we’d like. But we leave with the idea that we will try to come back again. And knowing that even when we DO come back, things won’t be exactly like this.

Oh, the mill and the falls will still be here. And if we come back at the right time of year, even the trees will be similar. But it will have all changed somewhat, too; like going back to your hometown after you’ve been away for a while.

So enjoy the look of autumn as it is unfolding right now.  Catch it in just the right light and savor the moment.  It may never happen just this way again.

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