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Terry Gunn: A Life Remembered

Source: Steve Ingram Source: Steve Ingram
Source: Steve Ingram Source: Steve Ingram
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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

After serving 26 years in Parchman, Terry Gunn made the streets of south Jackson his home. In time, he connected with Word Of Christ Ministries, received spiritual guidance from Pastor Devon Adams, who he paid back by helping rebuild their sanctuary.

"We raised the sheetrock, we taped the mud, floated and he was just that type of man, he was a selfless man, he wasn't selfish, he was selfless," said Pastor Adams. "He was always trying to find a way to help somebody."

Pastor Adams says Gunn was highly trusted and respected in the church.  Always loyal and honest, and there when they needed him.

"He was a great helper, he was a great influence even with kids around," added Adams. "He was a great security man for the parking lot, he was like a family member."

Steven Ingram with Jackson Street Ministries says he would deliver meals to Gunn once a week to what he calls "Terry's Corner", the intersection of Valley and Raymond road.  In time they became friends.

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"That's what's so sad about his loss," said Ingram. "He wasn't into drugs ."

Those close to Terry Gunn are struggling to understand who would target him, in such a violent way.

"The only thing I can think of, he was on the street at the wrong place at the wrong time and saw something that somebody didn't want him to know about," said Ingram.

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