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EXCLUSIVE: Pearl police investigate possible death threat against Hinds County DA

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

No charges have been filed in the case of a man who threatened a Hinds County District Attorney's Office investigator and indirectly, the DA's life, too.

The confrontation was tied to District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith's upcoming Rankin County trial.

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"If they thought it was me, according to the investigation, they would have shot me and killed me," Smith said.

Smith said he's still concerned after one of his investigators told him a man gave Smith a death threat.

"He actually pointed a gun with a laser to my investigator, believing it was me. It's almost as serious as it gets, to the actual act of doing it," said Smith.

In a fact and circumstances sheet obtained exclusively by 3 On Your Side, investigator Juan Gray told Pearl police that the man pulled a gun on him after Gray tried to serve court documents to Christie Edwards, the woman accusing Smith of domestic violence and stalking in the upcoming trial.

Those court documents paint a different picture than what the state alleges; Smith's attorney claims that the state knowingly withheld evidence that could have helped him, including text messages from Smith's phone that were subsequently destroyed.

Smith's lawyer, Vicki Gilliam, said in the response that the disposal of such exculpatory evidence demonstrates "bad faith."

Put another way: prosecutorial misconduct.

While Smith remains hopeful this defense will exonerate him, he's now fighting a battle on two fronts: next year's trial and, more recently, a man with an apparent grudge.

Perhaps more troubling for Smith: nobody has been charged in this gun-wielding case.

"If it was another public official, it certainly would be felony charges and an investigation into whether or not this was a conspiracy, a very in-depth investigation and immediate arrest given that there was a serious threat made," Smith said.

Pearl Police Lieutenant Brian McGairty tells us the investigation is ongoing.

Smith's lawyers filed an affidavit charging the man with simple assault by threat, but a judge has not yet signed off on it.

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