Crystal Springs man arrested, accused of stalking several women - - Jackson, MS

Crystal Springs man arrested, accused of stalking several women

Source: Crystal Springs PD Source: Crystal Springs PD
Source: Rankin Co. Sheriff's Dept Source: Rankin Co. Sheriff's Dept
RICHLAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Crystal Springs has bonded out of jail after he was arrested for stalking. 

Richland and Brandon Police Departments say Robert Lang was apparently following women into stores and making unwanted comments and advances. He's now facing three stalking charges and two for disturbing the peace.

"Very clean cut guy, nothing that I would be afraid of but his attitude and action definitely threw off my radar and I got some bad vibes from this guy immediately," noted Tiffanie Ransome.

Ransome had her encounter with Robert Lang at the Pearl Walmart.

"He came around the cookie table and followed me almost shoulder to shoulder like he was with me," Ransome described. "Like right beside me."

Meanwhile, she was on the phone with her mom and made it known she saw him.

"My mom said what's going on and I said this man is following me and I'm just waiting to see what he's doing and he was definitely within ear shot," she said. "He heard me say that."

He smiled and soon after left the store without talking to her but it was enough to shake Ransome up.

"I thought he could be out in the parking lot waiting for me to walk out of the store," she added. "It was chilling. It was kind of scary thinking what could've happened. If it could've accelerated. If it could've progressed. If it could've been worse."

A few minutes later, down the road in Brandon, another woman reported a run in with Lang. She he says he approached her and made comments that made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

She says he kept watching her family in the store until they left and then followed them for a few miles down the road.

The Brandon victim saw Richland Police Department's post about a similar incident at Walmart and called in her case. Lang was in the Rankin County Jail with a $40,000 bond.

Still, police say it seems this was a pattern of behavior and expect there could be more charges coming Lang's way.

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