Capital City residents create People's Assembly to address commu - - Jackson, MS

Capital City residents create People's Assembly to address community issues

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

While residents in Jackson may elect certain individuals to represent them based on where they live, many fear that those leaders will not stay true to their mission or can get every job done. In response, they're creating a voice together called a People's Assembly, a movement that will not only hold elected officials accountable but also themselves.

"We recognize that Jackson rising isn't just about what the Mayor does, it's about what we as community do," said Mayor Chokwe Antar

Lumumba's sister, Rukia. "That's why we are here and that is what this assembly is about." 

Residents say despite a few technical difficulties the first meeting went well which gives some hope that the city is done with leaders, they feel, passing the buck.

"(Mayor Lumumba) is not about solving imaginary problems," resident, said John Garner. "And he's not about neglecting obvious problems."

Again, this was only first meeting under the new administration so it was more procedural, just getting feet on the ground and an idea of what's expected ahead. In Future meetings, coordinators and residents hope to talk about ideas and questions plaguing them specifically and ways to find solutions to them. 

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