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GoFundMe gives 9 year old Brandon girl $1000 for charity she started

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BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A 9-year-old in Brandon girl is learning that hard work can pay off! Eliana Salinas is a 3rd grader with her own charity that's making a difference one sock at a time. 

Eliana says she's always been good at finding money on the ground. The young girl says one-day last year, she thought of a way to put that skill to good use.

"I found 6 pennies and I told my mom I wanted to start a charity with that," said Eliana.

The 3rd grader started "Sole Healer." She raises money on GoFundMe to buy socks for those in need.

"Socks are the hardest thing to donate because, for health reasons, donation places can't accept used socks," explained Eliana.

"I'm very proud of her," said Eliana's mother, Jessica Johnson.

Eliana says her brother David serves as her accountant.

"He takes a calculator into the stores with us, and figures out how many socks we can purchase with the money that's been donated," explained Johnson.

Eliana has visited Wingard Home for the Homeless, Batson Children's Hospital, and the Veteran's Hospital.

"They start crying, or they're speechless, or they just say, 'Thank you so much,"' said Eliana, smiling.

"When Hurricane Harvey came through Houston, she realized so many children would be without. So we raised money and she purchased 650 pairs of socks for the students," said Johnson.

GoFundMe picked Eliana as a "Kid Hero" and surprised her in class at Northshore Elementary School with a one thousand dollar check for her charity.

When presented with the check, the 9-year-old exclaimed, "Thank you so much, this can help so many people get socks!"

Eliana isn't sure yet where her next donation stop will be, but she does know, wherever she goes, she'll have a lot of socks.

"I'm just going to meet with her, and see what comes next," said Johnson. "She's the boss."

"I just love being able to help people in need," said Eliana.

To donate, go to https://www.gofundme.com/sole-healer.

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