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Jackson councilman hosts public hearing on school discipline

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Where are we headed with discipline in our schools? That's the question posed in a public hearing presented by Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes Wednesday night.

State Senator Sollie Norwood was there to give a lawmaker's view of the discipline problem in Jackson schools. Following Senator Norwood, citizens took their turn at the mic to weigh in with comments and possible solutions.

"Now, when you see Habitat for Humanity and all this going on, we see the other people out working," said Belinda O'Bannon. "We as a people must invest in our own."

"I'm raising my children the way they need to be raised," said Felicia Harley. "If we start at home it can finish in the schools."

"I listen at some numbers last night that I don't even want to repeat that were very alarming in terms of the discipline issues that we have so we know it's a problem," said Senator Norwood. "But we have to have the courage to sit down and actually address them."

Senator Norwood cites discipline as a key factor in not only saving the Jackson Public School District but saving the city and reducing crime.

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