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Jackson Attorney explains sexual harassment in the workplace

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The firing of two powerful men in media has left many people shocked. Today Show host Matt Lauer and Radio Host Garrison Keillor are now accused of Sexual misconduct.

Tonight, an NBC News spokesperson says two more accusers have come forward since the news broke Wednesday morning.          

“A company is not going to fire the face of their network, someone that is making close to $30 million a year if they didn't think they were well within their grounds to fire them,” said Attorney John Hall.                                                                                             

Hall is talking about the termination of Today Show host Matt Lauer that has left many people speechless. The company fired him for inappropriate sexual behavior.

Hours later it was revealed that Garrison Keillor, a man whose stories entertained public radio listeners for 40 years, was also terminated for allegations of workplace misconduct.

"Harassment can take place with peers, the boss and the subordinate, even people who don’t work for that particular company,” added Hall.

There are many more high-profile men facing the same charges who were fired. Hall says while each company has its own policy, they all have one major focus.

“The thing that you are going to be looking for is whether the conduct was unwelcome. That's what the EEOC, the Supreme Courts and various courts across the country look at as to whether the actions, they were verbal and physical, were unwelcome by the victim.”

While it is not easy for some people to come forward, Hall says it is great to see more victims of sexual harassment, especially women, speaking out.

“You kind of wait for big things to happen for people to come out. Although women are feeling comfortable coming out, they are still fighting the perception because a lot of people always ask why did they wait this long rather than asking why did the perpetrator do it in the first place,” said Hall.

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