Indictments returned in Kingston Frazier murder - - Jackson, MS

Indictments returned in Kingston Frazier murder

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A grand jury has met and handed down indictments against two of three charged in Kingston Frazier's murder. Kingston was killed back in May. He was in the backseat of his mother's car when it was stolen from a parking lot in Jackson. He was found shot and killed in that car, which was abandoned in Gluckstadt.

District attorney Michael Guest read the indictments during a morning press conference and explained why only two will face charges in circuit court.
No indictments were returned for Dwan Wakefield. Instead, a finding of probable cause recommending he be charged as an adult, and his case moved up to circuit court.

"Because he had not yet turned 18 and because this crime does not carry a life sentence or involve at least his part of the crime involve a weapon, original jurisdiction would be with Youth Court of Madison County," said Rankin/Madison District Attorney Michael Guest.

Byron McBride was indicted on capital murder, kidnapping, and possession of stolen property. Prosecutors say he is the one who kidnapped Kingston in his mother's car, and shot and killed him.

DeAllen Washington was indicted on accessory after the fact of murder, kidnapping, and motor vehicle theft. Washington and Wakefield both accused of helping McBride after Kingston's murder.

Wakefield is free on bond, but will likely have a court hearing as early as next week.

"The hopes of our office, the hope of the family and the findings of the grand jury would be that the youth court would ultimately certify Mr. Wakefield up to circuit court so Mr. Wakefield's charges would be resolved in circuit court and he could be held accountable," said Guest.

Byron McBride and DeAllen Washington will likely have their arraignments in Madison County Court next week. Guest says the earliest these cases go to trial is next summer.

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