CONSIDER THIS: Upgrading Downtown Roads - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Upgrading Downtown Roads

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A major opportunity for 2018 is upgrading the area around downtown Jackson and making sure the area is safe. Businesses are beginning to move back in the city center, building renovations are underway and several residential projects are in the works.

When Downtown Jackson looks better and feels safer, that leads to more jobs and more opportunity, and more redevelopment. Surprisingly, rather than wishing for upgrades in 2018, some improvements are happening now. With the opening of the new museums and the state’s bicentennial celebration, many of the streets are getting an important makeover as we wrap up 2017.

An impressive aspect of the projects is the impressive speed at which they are happening. It’s been decades since this much road construction activity has been underway at one time. If these roads can get resurfaced in a matter weeks, the city should hold contractors to the same standards for future resurfacing projects.

Consider This:  When you experience an area for the first time, you’re more aware of the good and bad. Over time you begin to ignore the bad and become complacent and accepting of the poor conditions. Now that we are experiencing a smoother ride on former crumbling roads, it really spotlights the terrible streets we have accepted for a long, long time.

It’s nice to have a more appealing entrance as President Trump and other dignitaries visit the city this weekend for the celebrations and museum grand openings, but the people of Jackson are the ones who deserve it the most. Hopefully, this is the start of what will be a very active year of improvements across the city. 

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