Governor Bryant discusses Presidential visit for museum openings - - Jackson, MS

Governor Bryant discusses Presidential visit for museum openings

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

President Trump's scheduled visit for the museum openings Saturday is already sparking debate, but supporters say it should be considered an honor.

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Governor Bryant doesn't think the Presidential visit will detract focus from the contents and significance of the two museums, but rather add to it.

"Just look at the quite honestly the millions upon millions of dollars advertisement," said Governor Phil Bryant. "People all over the world will say, 'oh now I see that they have a wonderful world class civil rights and history museum in Mississippi and maybe we ought to go there and see that'. That will be a tremendous benefit to the opening of this museum."

Yet when Governor Bryant was asked for his response to those calling for him to uninvite the President, he said this.

"It's not gonna happen," Bryant answered. "We are, as we said, very fortunate that the President of the United States is coming to Mississippi. And so we're going to celebrate his presence. I think he's going to have a testimonial speech that day and it will be a wonderful celebration for all Mississippians."

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Bryant notes the visit will be short but hopes it will be powerful.

"I want the President to see your history," said Bryant. "I want him to see the civil rights museum. I know, as it touched my heart, it is going to touch the heart of everyone that goes through there."

Some lawmakers have expressed that they'll no longer attend with the announcement that Trump will be there. 

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"We should lay aside any political positioning or pandering that they may have," added Bryant. "This is the day for the President of United States to come and honor Mississippi and that's what he intends to do and I intend to be there with him when he does so."

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