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3 On The Road: Two Museums legacy

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I am of the opinion that Mississippi is the cradle of the culture of America. Our writers shaped literature, our musicians shape the arts.

And the two museums tell those stories. So to me, what is in here is relevant to all of America.

Here are some friends of mine, two of them with Archives and History that have been so helpful to us this week, and former Governor William Winter to wrap up our week of previews with their perspectives.

“I’m amazed, absolutely amazed. Considering how far we have come in a relatively short period of time, to build this world-class museum, these two museums together, in a way that I think is going to attract the attention of the whole country,” said Governor William Winter.

Brother Rogers with the Department of Archives and History added, “The lasting legacy of these two museums is that it is a place to understand the defining issue of the first two hundred years of Mississippi’s history. And that is race relations. You cannot understand Mississippi unless you understand race relations. And now, forever more, we will have a first-class Smithsonian caliber museum where people can come and explore race in Mississippi.”

“We’re celebrating 200 years of Mississippi history and I think that the lasting legacy is going to be that 200 years from now kids are going to be able to come to this museum and be able to enjoy the things that we put together this year," said Michael Morris with Archives and History. "I’m really excited about that fact and I’m excited about the fact that hundreds of kids are going to be coming into this museum really, really soon.”

“We started out with two different museums, as you know. Then we go the idea that we’re not going to be able to do this right unless we put them together," said Governor Winter. "No use in having one on one side of town and another somewhere else. People come to see one museum and now they’ll see both. And they will learn from both. And that’s the beauty of this whole process. Is to make sure that we understand that we are one people. That we are coming together here celebrating the 200th anniversary of the state of Mississippi. And to do it in a way that reflects so much credit on the people of Mississippi who have paid for these museums. And this is an investment by the people of Mississippi in their history but also in their future.”

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