CONSIDER THIS: Project Eject - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Project Eject

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If you talk to law enforcement officers they will tell you one of the biggest issues they face in fighting violent crime is the revolving door of criminals who are arrested and quickly released. That may soon come to an end.

Federal, state and local prosecutors, law enforcement agencies and community leaders launched a new initiative to combat violent crime. It’s called Project Eject and takes aim at cutting the uptick in violence terrorizing neighborhoods. EJECT stands for Empower Jackson Expel Crime Together.

When introducing the Project Eject partnership, Mike Hurst, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi, issued this warning,

"They will be locked up immediately. We will seek detention so they are not released," said Hurst. "We will not cut a deal that lets them out in a few months. They will serve prison time without parole in the federal system."

“In Jackson, for too long, we have seen criminals arrested for serious crimes, immediately released on bond, and almost instantly continue to terrorize our communities," Hurst went on to say. "They do this because they see there are no consequences to their criminal actions.  Being prosecuted in the federal system means that we will immediately lock you up, we will move to detain you without bond, there will be no deals where you are released in a few months, there is no parole in the federal prison system, and we will seek to have you serve your sentence far away from Mississippi so you cannot continue your criminal activity from jail.”

One of the biggest hurdles affecting the rebirth of Jackson is the concern the city is not safe. If Project EJECT does what leaders promise, it will be the single biggest factor in sparking a renaissance in our state's capital city. We can only hope the promises become reality. 

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