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A Rankin County man charged with cyberstalking out on bond

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Rankin County man is out on bond after being charged with cyberstalking. His alleged target was a law enforcement officer's support page on Facebook.

Kenneth Raymond Debellis, Jr. made his initial court appearance Tuesday and was given a $10,000  bond for felony cyberstalking.  Investigators say while everyone has a right to freedom of speech under the 1st Amendment. Debellis crossed the line.

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“I think their mind they believe no one is going to find me I can create a Facebook account and I will be fine. They think I can  say what they want to say and no would ever find me and that is far from the truth," Rankin County Investigator Hayden Levingston said.

Rankin County Investigator Hayden Levingston says Kenneth Debellis used Facebook to target a local law enforcement group with nasty words and threats. While he wouldn't reveal the name of the group or show the messages on the social media site, he admits the messages were explicit.

“It was very rude and in a harassing in nature,” Levingston said.

In fact, Investigators say Debellis sent more than three dozen messages through Facebook to stalk, harass and threaten a group. He reportedly made several fake accounts to continue targeting the group once they blocked him from their page on Facebook.

“He initially stated that they made him mad when they blocked him and that is when he really started to turn it up," said Levingston. " The content got so much more severe after that.” 

While Debellis' motive is still a mystery,  investigators say his obscenity crossed the line.

“They blocked him and he continued to threaten and harass them and that is when it becomes a crime."

Debellis could face up to two years in prison.

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