Mass adoption ceremony held in Hinds County for 17 children - - Jackson, MS

Mass adoption ceremony held in Hinds County for 17 children

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Seventeen children now have their forever families.  A mass adoption ceremony in Hinds County Chancery Court Tuesday morning made sure they were Home for the Holiday.

It is emotional. Some of the families have waited as long as seven years to make it official; two sets of twins, and children from toddlers to teens given their new last names.

"Just seeing the excitement in those children's eyes to say, hey, my name is going to be changed today. I'm going home and I don't ever have to worry about a social worker coming back and removing me or taking me anywhere," said Mississippi Department of Child Protective Services Deputy Field Director Viedale Washington.

Each family appears before Hinds County Chancery Court Judge Denise Sweet Owens. And with the help of students from the Mississippi College School of Law,  they sign the dotted line. 

"it's a wonderful opportunity for our students. They learn what it is to practice law, and to be a real lawyer," said Jim Rosenblatt, Dean Emeritus and Professor at MC School of Law. "To appear before a judge, to handle all the legal documents; It's great for the families because they get this service at no charge”.

Reosha Reed has been with her mom since she was 8 years old.

"When I first got her, she was just this little lost child that was scared and afraid and everything was new to her and it was new to me," said Amanda Reed. "I had never been a mom."

Other parents say it is the best way to celebrate Christmas. The theme this year, Home for the Holiday.

"My nephews and my son.," said one new parent joined by a family member who is adopting twin boys.

"Okay, you all are siblings? asked Judge Owens.

Yes we're sisters," replied the family member.

"We've had them since they were 3 months and they are such a blessing to have,” said Sheree Walker.

For all the families it is a dream, a Christmas wish come true.

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