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Window blinds connected to child death and injuries

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Numbers from an American Academy of Pediatrics study show children are getting injured and some are even dying from window blind related injuries. According to the study, there have been 17,000 window blind related injuries between the years 1990-2015 and 271 deaths have been reported since 1990.

Elizabeth Foster, project manager of the University of Mississippi Medical Center Safety and Community Outreach Program, said the incidents happen often.

“One of the most common injuries with children is falls and that often happens when they are reaching for the blinds and it results in a fall,” said Foster. “Nationally, we have about one child every 6 weeks that dies from strangulation due to window blinds.”

Foster said agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Safe Kids Worldwide have pushed for legislative action to create safer window blinds that include tension strings or that will release if tugged on.

However, there’s an easy solution Foster said adults can do to make sure their home is safe for young children.

“Keep them up and away,” Foster said. “If you have cords that are hanging, you can tie them in a bow at the top of the blinds or get a retention cord installed on the side.”

To ensure the safety of children in your home, Foster said in addition to adult supervision, electrical outlets, items that can be poisonous, and medications all need to be out of reach for young children.

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