The 1-percent sales tax commission takes aggressive steps to rep - - Jackson, MS

The 1-percent sales tax commission takes aggressive steps to repair crumbling roads in Jackson

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Eliminating potholes, flooding and repairing crumbling streets is an ongoing battle in the capital city. The 1-percent sales tax commission is on the front lines meeting today, to discuss the work being done and come up with an infrastructure priority list for the future.

“I have lived in several states, and this is the worst," said a resident. "And I know it affects residents, homeowners, everyone, and businesses.” 

Jackson officials admit 90 percent of the roads in the city are in bad shape, but the city is working to put a dent in that number thanks to the 1 percent sales tax.

Passed back in 2014, the tax generates around $13-$14 million a year to address the city's infrastructure needs. This year, 127 streets were paved citywide with the tax dollars.

“There have been a lot more streets paved in Jackson than there have been in last 10 years,” said Commission member Pete Perry.

A major focus is now the Downtown District.  Wednesday, Mill Street was being repaved as well as Pascagoula Street.

“The paving is a plus. People, to do business, they don't want to tear up their vehicles," said a resident. "I think what they are doing right now is great." 

Commission members echo that sentiment. With the new museums and the increase in traffic, they believe eliminating crumbling streets will promote economic growth.

“The neighborhood streets have not been forgotten. However, we did put a priority on doing the major thoroughfares and traffic counts for the first spending of the money," added Perry. "So that the streets that people were driving every day to get in and out are more important than the streets it takes for somebody to get to from their house to that street.” 

City leaders are now working on a master plan for next year.

“As we complete projects and acknowledge projects we want to take on, we want to do a better job of communicating to the citizens that this is where the dollars are going and this has been accomplished by the one percent dollars,” said Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba.

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