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Jackson Street called a "dumping ground"

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 It's against the law to litter, but that doesn't phase some folks.  We responded to a Three On Your Side complaint and found a dumping ground on a Jackson street.

From toilets to rotten carpet,  the trash just keeps piling up on  Cummins street, in fact, one section of the entire block is trashed.

Steven Ray has lived in the neighborhood for 33 years. 

 "I actually cut this myself and cleaned it up and maybe thought and thought people would see how clean and nice it looked but no they don't appreciate that they just do it again," said Ray.

Ray is irritated with litterbugs and frustrated with the city for not paying attention to his calls. 

"I have literally cleaned it up and people come by and throw a bottle on the side of the road," added Ray. "I'm like trashy, ya know you can't curse them but what do you do? By the time you try to get the tag number you go darn it I didn't get that tag number." 

The frustrated Jacksonian has posted signs but says nothing works.  

"Trash bags, cups, paper plates, baby diapers, you name it it's there. And this is reoccurring. It happens three or four times this year," said Ray. "I have cleaned this up and it's not my property. It is horrible."

He told us he reported the dumping to the City. According to Ray, a "nice" lady said she would pass the information along to the proper department. Yet he has failed to get relief in the form of garbage cleanup and a Do Not Litter sign.

We called the city for a response as well Thursday afternoon.  A spokesperson said the Public Waste department will be sent out to inspect the dumping on Cummings Street and determine what action will be taken.

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