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CONSIDER THIS: Your Feedback

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Today we share some of your comments we received over the past week:

Regarding Project Eject and the suggestion federal authorities can do more than local authorities, Bill says:

“It falls far short of being the entire truth and provides a misleading idea to the public that somehow the Feds can deliver different results than the state's or local judicial systems can deliver. The simple truth is that nothing the Feds can do in that judicial system is different or superior to the things which can be done equally as well in the state or local courts.”

Many people were upset when politicians declined to participate in the Two Museums opening after President Trump accepted an invitation to attend. This from Jay:

“The Mayor and other leaders have said that they will not attend the grand opening of the Museums simply because the President of the United States will be attending.  They say that it is because of the racist views of the President.  Well, it looks like they are the ones being racists.  He is the President and deserves to be treated as such whether they agree with him or not.  Stop acting like babies.”

Bobby offered this opinion:

“Several of our state black leaders are not going to be present because President Trump is going to be there. Our state had the opportunity to show just how great our state is and how far we have progressed in the healing of racial tensions. However, these black leaders decide they are not going to be present so what kind of message are we sending?”

We got lots of positive comments about our live coverage of the Bicentennial events. Lisa wrote: 

“Given the very challenging dynamics that are impacting today's celebration, I want to compliment you and your staff on your professionalism in covering today's events.”

Listening to other opinions is very important, thank you for sharing yours. 

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