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CONSIDER THIS: Reduce the size of the legislature

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I know this is very wishful thinking, but it’s nice to wish for good things in the New Year. Mississippi’s legislature is fat and I’m not talking about overeating at all the holiday parties. There are too many people in the state legislature.

Mississippi has 174 legislators. Our neighbors, with larger populations, have fewer state representatives.  Tennessee has 133, Arkansas has 135, Alabama has 140 and Louisiana has 144. 

State leaders are constantly cutting funding and staffing at many state agencies, but they seldom look in the mirror as an opportunity for change. It’s called self-preservation, and they don’t want to kill the golden goose. They will kill someone else’s goose, but not their own.

Having fewer legislators would make the lawmaking process more efficient, reduce costs and create a better government for the people of Mississippi. I doubt it will happen, but sometimes it’s fun to dream of what could be. 

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