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A rural community grieves while the search continues for a murder suspect

Tony Wilson.....Source: Lawrence Co. Sheriff's Dept. Tony Wilson.....Source: Lawrence Co. Sheriff's Dept.
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LAWRENCE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Law enforcement returned to rural Lawrence County Wednesday in search of Tony Wilson, wanted for murder, aggravated assault and arson. Family members in the Jayess community are shocked about the deadly violence that erupted over a land dispute.

An ongoing feud over property lines on Frog Ridge Road in Lawrence County led to a brutal attack, fatal shooting and arson.

Authorities say the disagreement was taken to chancery court, but they did not realize the tensions would escalate to murder.

"I'm concerned about it," said Peavey's relative Roman Carter. "They need to find him and lock him up".

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Carter drove by the charred Peavey home Wednesday in disbelief over the events of the previous day. He is related to both Henry and Mary Catherine Peavey.

"And they're church members. They've been at our church for a long time and everybody loves them," added Carter. "They're the nicest people." 

Tuesday morning Henry Peavey was found shot and burned at his rental property on Frog Ridge Road, a few hundred yards from his residence.

Investigators continued the search Wednesday for 56-year-old Antony "Tony" Wilson wanted in connection with Peavey's murder, his wife Mary Catherine' s attack and arson.

Wilson is their neighbor and had been in a court battle over the adjoining property.

"It appears he was shot at one particular spot and looks like he was moved from that spot to a spot nearer the house on the back," said Lawrence County Sheriff Lessie Butler. "His body appears to possibly tied to burn."

Mary Catherine Peavey was beaten in her home and is in critical condition.

A family friend who works for the Peaveys said deer cameras were installed after the family had problems with Wilson over court orders from a ruling on adjoining property.

He said the Peaveys would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Friday, December 22nd.

The sheriff said Wilson is a welder by trade and is familiar with the woods and terrain around his home, filled with trees and forest. MBI is leading the death investigation in the case.

Lawrence County S.O., the Mississippi Highway Patrol and other agencies resumed their search for Wilson near the site of the shooting. 

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