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Jackson considers bringing back red light cameras to catch speeders

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The city of Jackson is considering bringing back red light cameras to crack down on speeders.  

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba says he wants red light cameras installed around town to crack down on speeders. He even showed pictures of accidents caused by drivers running red lights to council members

“We see a failure to adhere to traffic in our city and we can't stand by that. We can't allow this to happen.”

The city council voted in support of the Mayor's push for the red-light cameras at major intersections in Jackson. This is not the first time the city has attempted to catch red light runners. Back in 2008, the city put up more than a dozen cameras around town that snapped pictures of vehicles going through red lights.   

Tickets would then be sent to drivers in the mail.     After several complaints, the legislature shutdown the program. The city will now have to go back to get approval from the state this time around and they hope the lawmakers will have a change of heart.

“The law is already bet you stop at a red light, so we are not creating a new law that says you need to stop at a red light, we are just making sure it is enforced,” said Mayor Lumumba.

While some drivers agree with the mayor cameras could prevent reckless driving and save lives, others say it's a money grab and it won't stop people from breaking the traffic laws.

“To willfully run a red light is wrong, so I think it would deter it,” said a Jackson resident.

City officials say the issue could be brought up this upcoming legislative session.

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