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3 on the Road: Pinola Flower Lady

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PINOLA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

You will find Willie Sue Newsome at her dining room table in her spare time from about the end of October until about this time every year. Her dining room table serves as her workshop for making colorful flower arrangements at her house in Pinola.

She hit upon the idea of floral arranging in an unusual way several years ago.

“Well, I went to bed one night and I went to sleep and when I woke up, that’s what I wanted to do. Make flowers," said Newsome. "So the Good Lord showed me.”

She doesn’t make the flowers to keep but to give away.

“All through the year I give (to) peoples when they are sick, or somebody passed," added Newsome. "I just give them a flower. When I get a little money I’ll go buy me a little something and put it up and buy me something and put it up.”

And after a few months, she spreads out all she has made in her living room for one final inspection before loading every one of them up and taking them to the nursing homes in Mendenhall and Magee.

“I say, Well, you done done a good thing, and you’re going to make the people at the nursing home happy," said Newsome. "Everybody’s got a gift. And so that’s what the Good Lord give me and I just go from there.”

Now, there is an additional element to Willie Sue Newsome’s story. Her flowers brighten up Christmas for some very special people, true. But it turns out that her gift, her REAL gift of compassion and empathy is a gift that keeps on giving. Peggy Woodard is her daughter.

“And she showed all of us how to be compassionate even my dad," said Peggy. "All of us how to treat other peoples and love everybody. And we are passing that on. We do that and I do it with my sons and my other three sisters and brother, they do it with their family. And that’s just a blessing to carry on. That’s a legacy that we’re going to carry on forever.”

The idea came to her in the middle of a dark night one night and she’s been making the world brighter with her gift ever since. It’s really pretty simple. Give from the heart. 

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