VIDEO: Brother of man beaten in jail by inmates says "they calle - - Jackson, MS

VIDEO: Brother of man beaten in jail by inmates says "they called the hit on my brother"

Denzell Watts.....Source: Vicksburg PD Denzell Watts.....Source: Vicksburg PD
Source: Snapchat Source: Snapchat
Source: Snapchat Source: Snapchat
VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Part of the Warren County Jail was on lock down Wednesday after a dramatic and disturbing video surfaced of an assault on an inmate by other inmates in his cell block.

Family members have identified the man being beaten by other inmates as Denzel Watts. 

The video, originally posted to Snapchat, shows the inmate being pulled out of a cell and then viciously punched and kicked repeatedly. Lacerations and swelling are clearly visible on Watts' face and head. 

"My daughter saw it. She called me and I called her to tell them and they say they got several calls," said Denzell Watts' mother, Ora Bishop. "He think my son stole his dope and he didn't."

"He's got a gash in his head. He don't even know his name. He don't even know where he at," said Leslie Lee Watts, Jr., the inmate's brother.

Warren County Sheriff Martin Pace says the fight happened Wednesday afternoon and one cell block was placed on lock down. The inmate was taken to a hospital and examined by a doctor and is now back in custody.

Although family members have come forward with his identity, Pace says he is not identifying the inmate involved until the investigation is complete. They are investigating the assault and also how the cell phone got into the jail, which carries the charge of a felony.

Pace adds that it is too early to determine who will face additional charges.

Watts is charged with five counts of aggravated assault in a Christmas Eve shooting at L. D.'s Restaurant and Lounge at 1111 Mulberry Street. His initial appearance in Vicksburg Municipal Court was Wednesday and his bond was set at $500,000.

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