MEMA works to alert public ahead of possible winter weather - - Jackson, MS

MEMA works to alert public ahead of possible winter weather

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JACKSON METRO AREA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is working to prepare for possible winter weather on New Year’s Eve.

Ray Coleman, the external affairs officer at MEMA, said the agency works with the National Weather Service and several other agencies to stay up to date on what could come to Mississippi, and what plans are necessary should it warrant an emergency response.

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“We have people that work in our operation center here that are 24/7,” said Coleman. “We’re always going to have someone here that in the event this winter weather gets exceedingly out of hand or something that we did not expect, we’ll have people here 24/7 monitoring to let us know if we need to get additional assets into certain areas.”

As MEMA works to inform the public, Coleman says there are precautions you need to take at your home as well.

Click here for more of MEMA’s winter weather safety tips.

“Monitor your fireplace,” added Coleman. “Obviously we’re going to have it going full power because it’s so cold, but make sure you don’t have anything blocking the outlet of it. Be sure to look out for your pets. When it gets this cold bring them inside so they can stay warm as well. Be careful with space heaters and make sure if you’re using them, to keep an eye on them because it doesn’t take much to start a fire.”

With the weather creating potentially hazardous driving conditions over the weekend, Coleman urges drivers to stay off the roads if possible and to create a safety kit for your vehicle if you do go out.

“Make sure your cars are ready because so often we’re traveling, and we don’t think hey, maybe I don’t have enough gas or antifreeze," said Coleman. "I like to keep a couple of blankets in my car, water, those things that we always preach and teach in our emergency supply kit. That goes for winter weather as well.”

If you do find yourself stranded, Coleman advises you to call local authorities to let them know you’re out there and for them to assist you.

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