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3 on the Road: Dead of Winter

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NOXUBEE WILDLIFE REFUGE (Mississippi News Now) -

We didn’t so much flow into the New Year as we just dripped into it, with the faucets left running at night so they wouldn’t freeze. It’s cold outside, baby. I screen-snapped our record low off our weather app Tuesday morning to show my friends up north. See? It CAN get cold in Mis’sippi.

It was a quick transition from the most wonderful time of the year to the coldest. This better be the coldest time of year. The dead of winter.

I was thinking that, that this was the dead of winter as I was taking the back roads home from Starkville this time of year recently, cutting through the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge.

I popped out my camera to get some shots of just how lifeless winter can be in January when all of a sudden something jumped in the water.

I suddenly realized I would have to rewrite my story. Because even though the sky is gray and the trees are gray and leafless, the whole world isn’t lifeless. Not at all.

Mater of fact, in the hills, not even all of the trees are gray and bare. Whole forests of pines keep the world tinged with green even in the dead of winter.

And if you sit still long enough, you can see that here in the dead of winter, things are quite active out in front of you. Once my eyes grew accustomed to the light, the lake at Noxubee was as busy at Hart Field in Atlanta on a holiday weekend with ducks and geese coming in and going out or just sitting on the tarmac.

I kind of felt sorry for the folks that just drove by and didn’t notice all of this life going on. ‘Course they were probably wondering who was the idiot standing out there in the cold with a camera.

Now, if you’ve lived here in Mississippi any length of time at all then you realize our late winter flowers will be popping out shortly; Hyacinth, daffodils and what have you. And I’m already looking past the gloom of winter to spring with some white angel trumpet rootings I’m growing from clippings the folks at Mitchell Farms in Laurel gave me, right here in the dead of winter. But it’s hardly dead! It’s just a different kind of life!

If you need a taste of optimism, download our weather app and look at this weekend and beyond’s forecast.

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