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CONSIDER THIS: Focus on core responsibilities

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The water crisis in Jackson reminds us once again of the terrible condition of the infrastructure in the capital city. This emergency, with more than 100 water line breaks brought on by a freezing weather blitz, is having a significant impact on the people who live in Jackson.

It has forced schools and colleges to close, impacted medical facilities and affected hundreds and hundreds of businesses across the metro. No water means many businesses can’t open their doors. Those that can, especially restaurants, are spending thousands on bottled water, ice and porta potties.

As we’ve said before, the primary function of government is public safety, education, and infrastructure. The city’s new leadership team is making progress, but years and years of neglect have created an overwhelming challenge.

It will now take years to adequately fix the problems, which is why it is so important for the city to focus exclusively on these responsibilities; reducing crime to make the city safe again, improving the public-school system and repairing the streets, bridges, water and sewer systems.

All funding and resources should be directed towards those core government responsibilities and everything else should be secondary. If that happens, it will create confidence and a better quality of life which will lead to an increase in population, more businesses and more opportunity.

And ultimately, it would mean a burst of cold weather, or another event, would not completely cripple the city. 

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