City provides update as 96 of 139 confirmed water main breaks ha - - Jackson, MS

City provides update as 96 of 139 confirmed water main breaks have been repaired

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Water pressure and flow continues to slowly return to normal in many areas within the City of Jackson water distribution network of pipelines.

The number of new main breaks has subsided while repairs continue. However, other areas continue to experience low pressure in areas immediately near main break sites, which will have little to no pressure or flow available until those breaks are repaired.

The demand for water supplied from the treatment plants is subsiding.

We are able to maintain the maximum safe level of pressure leaving the treatment plants, while treating and pumping less water. The primary focus now for
water system management and engineering personnel is checking pressure at fire hydrants in areas still experiencing lower-than-normal pressures in an attempt to identify possible closed valves that may be affecting water flow through the system.

It is not an unusual occurrence in water systems to experience valves that remain inadvertently closed following main break repairs that occurred months or even years previously.

As a result of the continued progress on repairing main breaks and the increased pressure from the treatment plants, the city has lifted the boil water advisory for customers north of Northside Drive and for customers that are served by the system wells of wells in southeastern Jackson.

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The remainder of the City of Jackson continues to be under a boil water advisory, including customers in the following mailing zip codes:

  • 39201
  • 39202
  • 39203
  • 39204
  • 39206 
  • 39209
  • 39212
  • 39213
  • 39216

The alert will continue in those areas until pressure is restored to the system and water test samples are demonstrated to be safe.

As of 12:00 p.m. Wednesday, we have experienced a total of 129 confirmed water main breaks on distribution lines since Sunday, January 1.

We were able to add an additional contractor crew yesterday and now have three city crews and eight contractor crews working to repair these breaks.

Of the 129 confirmed breaks, we have successfully completed 71 breaks with 19 additional repairs underway. Several of the new breaks are adjacent to repairs that were recently completed on aging pipes.

Light rainfall is expected intermittently today and is not expected to disrupt repair efforts.

Although pressure has begun to be restored to some areas, there are 38 confirmed breaks that have not yet been assigned to city crews or contractor crews, but will be assigned later today or tomorrow.

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The crews will continue to work twelve-hour shifts until pressure has been fully restored to the system.

There are seven leaks reported by citizens calling 311 that have not yet been confirmed as water main breaks.

Officials are closely watching the weather forecast for this coming weekend as nighttime lows are expected to return to the low- to mid-twenties.

The city doing everything possible to restore system pressure in advance of the arrival of that cold front.

The City of Jackson will continue to keep you informed as this situation develops.

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