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CONSIDER THIS: Mississippi losing population

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In his state of the state address this week, Governor Bryant shared his perspective on the accomplishments that took place the past year. He proclaimed Mississippi is in a wonderful place and, contrary to what the terrible media would have you think, there are many, many positive things happening here.

Yes, there are areas where positive results have happened. And that’s great. However, sadly, for the third year in a row, the state continues to lose population. Except for Louisiana, Mississippi is the only state in the southeast to have experienced a population decline.

If things were so great in Mississippi, and there is so much opportunity, I can promise you we would see a population increase just like the other states across the region.

There are many reasons for the decline, the main factors being lack of high paying, advanced degree jobs, a quality of life that falls short of other states and a regressive way of thinking by state legislators and state leadership.

Young people today are seeking better opportunities and a more progressive environment. And we all know the most visible symbol that’s projecting our non-progressive image.

The Governor spoke about the opening of the new Civil Rights Museum and said, “Mississippians of every color and persuasion came together ... There was no effort to conceal the transgressions of the past ... But, it all lies in a museum — put away, we hope never to be witnessed again.”

That’s true, except for one thing… our state flag. It needs to be put away and placed alongside the other Mississippi flags in the Museum of Mississippi History. The flag is a detriment to our state and impacts the decisions of businesses and people considering relocating here and the people who decide to move away.

I love Mississippi and the people of Mississippi, it’s my home state, but regardless of the rosy picture the Governor wants to paint, we have a lot of things we need to change and a lot of room to improve.

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